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The college has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in 20th,July 2012.The Institutional policy with regard to quality assurance is to make overall development and enhance quality of higher education.

  • The IQAC functions at three levels: Quality Assessment, Quality Sustenance and Quality enhancement. The IQAC has developed following mechanism for quality assurance.
  •  The committee meetings are arranged time to time to discuss the plan with the principal for implementations. It helped to improve quality of the college.
  • All the faculty members are motivated to participate seminars, conferences, workshops and to make proposal for minor/major research projects.
  •  At the beginning of the academic year, different committees are formed under the guidance of principal and coordinator to perform both academic and extracurricular activities.
  • The departments undertake the responsibilities of the academic and administrative work of their departments.
  • It has adopted the feedback system for effective functioning of the college activities.


Sr. No. Name of Members Designation Position
1 Shri. Dr.Naresh A. Bhoyar Principal Chairperson
2 Shri. Ganesh N. Bahade Asst. Prof. of SociologyCoordinator of IQAC Coordinator of IQAC
3 Shri.Prof. Diwakar N. Game Secretary of V.L.P.S.S.H. Management Member
4 Shri.Dr.PravinD.Karanjkar Asst. Prof. of Marathi Teacher Member
5 Shri. Vinod M. Mude Asst. Prof. of Political Science Teacher Member
6 Shri. Pankaj W. Moon Asst. Prof. of History Teacher Member
7 Shri. Sushant K. Maske Asst. Prof. of Library Science External Expert
8 Shri. Naresh M. Katade Head of Clerk Administrative Member
9 Shri. Kishor P. Nagrale Asst. Teacher Alumni
10 Ku. Likhita C. Kumbhare Student of B.A. Student Member
Chairman of IQAC Dr. Naresh A. Bhoyar Coordinator of IQAC Asst. Prof. Ganesh N. Bahade