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Profile of Department of Sociology - U.G. Established : 2001


The Department of Sociology was established in 2001. Dr. Ganesh N. Bahade headed the department. Asstt. Prof. Suraj Khode and Asstt. Prof. Mahesh Zoting are also contributing to the progress of the department. Majority of the students of the college belong to the rural area so many of them prefer this subject at special level as they are interested in social activity.


To provide quality education to rural youths.


To make them responsible Citizen through the knowledge of Sociology.


  • To impart the knowledge of social changes.
  • To create awareness about social situations among the student.
  • To develop Socio-Culture attitude by scientific way.


  • One student stood first in B.A. Examination.
  • Faculty completed research work of Ph.D.
  • One student passed Railway examination.
  • One student became Teacher
  • One student became Junior Lecturer.

Future Plans

  • To organize State, National Seminar.
  • Social Survey of Nath Jogi Samaj (Bharadi Samaj).
  • Write a syllabus based books.

Other Activities

  • Actively involved in the research activities.
  • Guidance to projects undertaken by M.S.W.
  • Donation of books by teacher to Adivasi Students.
  • Involvement of teachers in social and cultural activities.
  • Guidance to M.A. students for SET/NET examination.

About Staff

Head of Department

Asstt. Prof. Dr. Ganesh N. Bahade
M.A. Sociology, (NET), Ph.D
Job Status: Permanent
Cell No. 9049673164
Email ID: ganeshbahade94@gmail.com
Asstt. Prof. Suraj Khode
M.A. Sociology
Job Status: Temporary
Cell No. 9823392744
Email ID: khodesuraj@gmail.com
Asstt. Prof. Mahesh Zoting
M.A. Sociology
Job Status: Temporary
Cell No. 7038958696
Email ID: maheshzoting222@gmail.com